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Making a Difference

Q: How do we make a difference here at CAP Care...?

A: One person at a time.


We monitor lots of overall performance statistics to ensure the efficient management of the charity on a day to day basis, but ultimately the only number that really matters is ONE.


From the moment a new referral arrives with us needing help and assistance, our mission is to get to know that person, understand as much as we can about their circumstances, their lives, what matters to them, so that we can support them to make their next best decision to move things forward in their usually chaotic lives. We d this through the amazing team of staff and volunteers who deliver love in a dedicated and beautiful way.

This process can take a very short time (our record shortest is one hour!), or it can be a very long journey. Many of our clients remain with us for weeks, months or years until they are strong enough to move on and live independently again. Typically the way down being in chaos can be a short journey, whereas the journey back up can be tough and challenging.

Having helped literally thousands of people over our history, the absolute thrill of seeing that next person make this successful journey never diminishes, and is always enough to keep us going to help every other client that we meet.

Some of the beautiful quotes we have received from our clients are:


  • "Thank you. You guys have saved my life.".
  • "You guys and the work you do is truly AMAZING. Thak you for everything, including the lovely meals, ny new house furniture, clothes and everything you guys have doine for me. I am eternally grateful and it's good people like you guys who give mankind faith and hope"
  • "I had to get away. I knew I would always struggled if I stayed around the same people and temptations. I live on the East Coast now and it's a bit scary to say but life has never been better. I will always be grateful for the love you showed me."
  • " I didn't think I would ever get back on my feet. In fact I didn;t think I'd still be alive. But I'm here. I'm seeing my kids again. Life is really good. It'sd all thanks to you guys at CAP. Thanks for not giving up on me."
  • "I'll always be grateful for what you folks did for me. If I can do anything to help please let me know"
  • "I never thought I'd ever be in touch with my family again. I felt tlike that for so many years. But here I am. You lept me going and I'll never forget you all for that. Thank you!"
  • "Thank you for all your support. I will not forget. I will help other people in time when I am stronger and focused"
  • "Thank you for bbeing so welcoming and friendly and lind. You've always made me feel so safe and confortable. It has been a difficult time in my life. I'm so grateful to all of you and I will remember you always"


Every one of these messages is so precious to us and spurs us on to keep doing what we do to every new person we meet. 

Thank you all out there for supporting us and enabling us to do this vital work.


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