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I first started going to CAP about eight years ago. I'd just become homeless and was living on the street.  I wasn't eating properly and I was in a right mess.

Then a friend told me about CAP and that I could get something to eat there. So I went along not expecting much maybe a bit of something to eat.  But it turned out to be much more.

The people that work at CAP were friendly and made me feel so welcome and I felt safe in the building. The meal I received from Paula was hearty and was enough to keep me going all day. I had nothing when I first came  but I could shower and get clean clothes.  There is a place where we can sit and it keeps me off the streets.

I know don't do drugs or drink anymore.  I am now living a normal life as near as what I can because of my unemployment.

The place where I live costs me £168 a week which doesn't leave me in a position where I can afford to work because the loss of benefits mean I could not afford to live there.  I am now learning life skills, how to clean, washing and ironing - things that I wasn't used to.  I now realise that living a normal life is better than the high of taking drugs.

When I come into CAP and see some of the people I now realise there is more to life and I know a better way than some of those that come.  I now look back that was how I used to live but I am not passing judgement on them.

I am now clean and changed.  Since I have changed my outlook on life I have found that things are working out much better for me. At this present moment in time the place I find myself in is the best I have been for the last 8 years.



Craig is now a daily volunteer in the charity working alongside the other volunteers to help those in need.

Their Stories
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